Cisco Traditional Size Tap Power Passing Accessories

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Improve Tap Capabilities for Telephone Apps

Scientific Atlanta's traditional size tap power passing accessories series is led by the Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which enables operators of hybrid fiber/coax distribution networks to improve network reliability, particularly in telephony applications. It upgrades any standard Scientific-Atlanta Multimedia tap to provide power distribution capability as well as improve RF specifications and survivability against power surges. The patent-pending PDU is available in 2/4-way and 8-way sizes, and is designed to provide safe power distribution to individual subscriber drops. Coaxial drop and twisted-pair powering versions are compatible with all Scientific Atlanta's standard Multimedia taps.

PDUs can be installed only at tap locations where revenue-generating telephony subscribers are located. This cost-efficient approach allows operators to match incremental expenses with new revenue opportunities. After initial installation, the PDU allows power activation and current limiting on a per-port basis without interruption to subscribers. In short, operators achieve minimum subscriber interruption and ensure that individual subscribers and the overall network are isolated from potential ground faults and other AC powering concerns.

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