Cisco Aironet 340 Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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The Cisco Aironet 340 series of wireless LAN (WLAN) products provide a standards-based, field proven, high-speed wireless networking solution for both in-building and building-to-building WLAN applications. The Cisco Aironet 340 series products are easy to manage and deliver a complete solution to customers who require the mobility, flexibility, and freedom of a WLAN to complement or replace a wired LAN.

These products provide value-added features that are ideal for:

  • IT professionals or business executives who want mobility within the enterprise, perhaps in addition to a traditional wired network
  • Business owners or IT directors who need flexibility for frequent LAN wiring changes, either throughout the site or in selected areas
  • Any company whose site is not conducive to LAN wiring because of building or budget limitations, such as older buildings, leased space, or temporary sites
  • Any company that needs the flexibility and cost savings offered by a line-of-sight, building-to-building bridge to avoid expensive trenches, leased lines or right-of-way issues

All Cisco Aironet 340 series products are excellent complements or alternatives to the reliable, best-of-class, wired LAN products from Cisco.

Cisco Aironet products can be seamlessly integrated into wired Ethernet networks, and they provide excellent investment protection through full compliance with the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard, as well as unmatched price performance. These products utilize direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology to deliver up to 11 Mbps throughput, and offer up to 128-bit wired equivalent privacy (WEP) for data security that is comparable to traditional wired LANs.

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