Cisco ASR 5000 Series

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The New Normal - Elastic, Flexible, Virtual

New mobile devices are emerging every day, from tablets and smartphones to smartcars. With these new devices come new applications and services, and widely varying traffic patterns. The Cisco ASR 5000 Series combines massive performance and scale with flexibility, virtualization, and intelligence—so network resources are available exactly when they are needed.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco ASR 5000 Series was developed to address the anticipated increase in performance requirements that the next generation of the mobile Internet will bring. Whereas today´s traffic patterns are somewhat predictable, emerging mobile applications and services vary in their signaling, throughput, sessions, and density.

The two platforms of the Cisco ASR 5000 Series - the ASR 5000 and the ASR 5500 - meet performance challenges in a simple and cost-effective manner. They give operators the capability to amplify network performance, grow revenue, and reduce costs.

  • The flexibility of the Cisco ASR 5000 Series helps operators build their networks with one product family, regardless of what the requirements may be.
  • Scale helps ensure that no matter what the future demands of the network are, operators can keep subscribers happy, while redefining the economics of the network.
  • Intelligence gives operators the capabilities to monetize their networks, protect profitability, and provide a superior user experience.

StarOS Software

Cisco virtualized StarOS software architecture spans both platforms in the ASR 5000 Series, creating enormous flexibility and dynamic resource allocation for mobile services and networks. This virtualized OS provides:

  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Complete flexibility based on software
  • Carrier-class reliability
  • Optimization of system resources
  • The ability to add new functions rapidly

StarOS prepares operators to address the "new normal" head on with intelligent performance and the right resources - elastic, flexible, and virtual.

Deployment Options

You can transparently deploy the access-independent Cisco ASR 5000 Series in mobile networks, including:

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