Cisco ASR 5000 Session Control Manager

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Offer Multimedia Services Based on SIP

Easily deploy Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)–based services and migrate to the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture with Cisco ASR 5000 Session Control Manager. You can launch a full suite of SIP-based solutions, such as voicevoice over LTE (VoLTE), Rich Communications Suite (RCS), femtocell, presence, Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC), and others.

Offer Greater Control and Security

The Session Control Manager consists of an IETF-compliant SIP Proxy/Registrar, a 3GPP/IMS-compliant Proxy Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF), Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF), Serving Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF), and Policy Agent (PA) – all supported on the Cisco Cisco ASR 5000 Series.

This network element performs SIP routing, translation and mobility, admission control, authentication, and registration; admits or denies packet network access based on pre-established policies and procedures; performs localized policy selection and enforcement for rapid decisions; and provides multimedia call detail records.

The Session Control Manager can be combined into the mobile industry's most powerful Home Agent, Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) or Evolved Packet Core (EPC) functions, enabling operators to take advantage of the ASR 5000 s market-leading performance, unparalleled intelligence, distributed architecture, and high-availability characteristics, for a solution that will scale to meet demands for years to come.

As the logical anchor point within a packet core network, the Cisco ASR 5000 Session Control Manager improves the user experience with device and location independence, enhancing subscriber control and policy enforcement with faster, more intelligent decisions for multimedia services.

Primary Features

  • Integration of multiple core network functions
  • Simple software upgrades for deployed platforms – no new hardware to install or manage
  • 3GPP-compliant, x-CSCF features includes registration, authentication, SIP routing/translation/interworking, emergency services, and ISC interface
  • Support for local call features, including call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, and others
  • Routing engine deploys SIP in secure, controlled fashion through autodiscovery of SIP elements, subscriber privacy, call fraud prevention, network security, and thwarting network overload conditions
  • IP mobility enables access-independent connectivity to a multitude of technologies, such as LTE, HSPA, CDMA, WiMAX, femtocells, and unlicensed technologies like Wi-Fi
  • Policy agent removes latency and extraneous messaging through domain-based policy decision for intelligent, localized enforcement

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