Cisco Enhanced Charging Service

Accurately Bill Subscribers

As part of Cisco In-Line Services, Cisco Enhanced Charging Service helps you meet complex and processing-intensive accounting challenges by billing appropriately for subscriber services. This solution:

Implement Detailed Billing Schemes

This service bills subscribers based on:

  • Time: voice, chat sessions, video telephony
  • Volume: packet amount, number of bytes, per destination
  • Content: messaging, email, application download, game session
  • Event: quantity of file downloads or actual video streaming play time
  • Transaction type: prepaid, reverse billing, browsing in network or out of network

Cisco Enhanced Charging Service features include:

  • Destination-based billing so that platforms can maintain statistics for each mobile subscriber  
  • Prepaid service using RADIUS or Diameter quota control servers
  • Reverse destination-based and application-based billing
  • Ability to recognize and notify subscribers when a prepaid account is exhausted

This solution also offers postpaid GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) GGSN Charging Data Records (G-CDRs) or Event Data Records (EDRs) and Usage Data Records (UDRs) for postprocessing.

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