Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System

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Capture Real-Time Subscriber Statistics

Session, application, and network knowledge are critical to provide a superior experience to customers, who increasingly expect more services. Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System employs data collection from the Cisco ASR 5000 Series, using real-time information for precise reporting, troubleshooting, and system management.

Get Extensive and Precise Information

The industry-leading Cisco ASR 5000 Series collects extensive amounts of real-time service information, including:

  • Information from Layer 1 to Layer 7 through shallow and deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Real-time tracing and troubleshooting information

Primary modules of the Cisco Intelligent Management solution include:

  • Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System
  • Cisco InTracer
  • Cisco ASR 5000 Element Management System

Correlate Traffic Information and Plan Investment

The Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System:

  • Captures real-time service, tracing, and troubleshooting information from a single, unified platform, the Cisco ASR 5000.
  • Outputs a comprehensive set of statistics, customized reports, and statistical trending from a single ASR 5000.

This solution provides not only subscriber- and traffic-level statistics, but also gateway statistics. You can then correlate traffic information with the gateway performance, which is critical information for planning infrastructure investments.

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