SD-WAN Plan, Design, Implement and Migrate Services At-a-Glance

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Updated:April 15, 2021

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Updated:April 15, 2021


Rapidly and confidently adopt SD-WAN

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to meet the growing bandwidth demands of cloud traffic and the proliferation of mobile devices and high-bandwidth applications such as video. As the cloud continues to drive a greater need for SD-WAN, Cisco® Customer Experience (CX) helps you effectively migrate, adopt, deploy, and securely manage intent-based networking to any cloud, anywhere.

Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new approach to network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for multisite deployments. SD-WAN helps network administrators use available bandwidth more efficiently and promotes the highest possible level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security. The savings you realize from SD-WAN can help pay for the infrastructure upgrades as well as free up resources for business innovation.

To facilitate the transformation of your legacy branch connectivity to an SD-WAN solution, Cisco Advanced Services Solutions offer a full range of design, implementation, security, and testing services for SD-WAN.


      Accelerate innovation by leveraging our experience deploying networks across the world to help you rapidly overcome common obstacles

      Rapidly access value with a detailed high-performance design and implementation of your SD-WAN solution

      Reduce risk with a proven methodology, best practices, and knowledge

      Increase reliability with continued guidance and support from Cisco

Expertise to help you deliver uncompromised experiences over any connection

Solution requirements and design

Starting with a workshop, we work with you to define the solution requirements for the project. We also perform a gap analysis to identify where to focus your resources. Using the requirements definition, we create a detailed design that includes analysis of your business profile, application visibility metrics, and current architecture. We map your business objectives and technical requirements to a high-level network architecture design, then translate that into a detailed design by developing low-level configuration templates, including SD-WAN embedded security parameters, logical and physical topology diagrams, and checklists for your SD-WAN deployment.

Migration assessment

To ensure your migration meets business goals, we conduct interviews, collect data, and review existing device configurations as the basis for an SD-WAN Migration Assessment Report. The report provides information on your existing architecture, interface compatibility, memory requirements, WAN features gap analysis, and feedback, including our expert recommendations.

Implementation, migration, and testing

We identify network dependencies and the impact of introducing new capabilities into your environment. We also support your implementation or perform it on your behalf to help ensure stability and required functionality. Services we provide include:

      Implementation planning. We assist with implementation planning using Cisco best practices to help improve implementation efficiency, accuracy, and success.

      Implementation/migration support and execution. We evaluate your implementation plan against industry standards or execute the implementation on your behalf, assisting you in overcoming many common practical and technical challenges involved in deploying or expanding your SD-WAN.

      Test plan development and execution. Based on the Solution Design Document and a workshop with key stakeholders, a test plan is developed to validate that deployed features and functionality are aligned with design goals. We then perform testing and provide you with an updated test plan that includes the test results, test failures, problem identification, and recommendations.

      Solution Validation Service (SVS). Mitigate risks and accelerate time to value by ensuring that your new SD-WAN solution works as expected and operates with existing systems by simulating your network through rapid prototyping and validation in a lab environment. SVS is focused on validating your complex and unique use cases so you can accelerate the adoption of new technologies while minimizing any impact to mission-critical production networks.

Knowledge transfer

Our experts provide a knowledge transfer on topics relevant to the Cisco SD-WAN technology deployed in your network environment. This empowers your team with valuable information on your newly deployed Cisco solution that can ease ongoing operation and deployment.

Challenge: Unprecedented growth in network demand and complexity

Traditional WANs can’t keep up with complex management or bandwidth demands due to the increasing number of applications moving into the cloud and the users utilizing them.

Cisco SD-WAN delivers:

      Better user experiences. Deliver applications in minutes, on any platform, with consistent application performance.

      Greater agility. Simplify the deployment and operation of your WAN.

      Simplified security. Securely connect your users to applications and protect your data from the WAN edge to cloud using less bandwidth.

Cisco SD-WAN

Intent-based networking for the branch and WAN

Cisco SD-WAN

Why Cisco?

Cisco’s networking services help you outline a strategy to achieve your desired business outcomes. We can help you navigate evolving technology and digital transformations, prepare your business for emerging trends, and address risks and compliance.

Using our expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and proven best-practice methodologies, we assist you in realizing value and efficiencies while building an agile network that allows you to embrace the digital future.

With more than 50 million network installations, 19.7 billion threats blocked daily, and 14 J.D. Power certifications, we have the experience and expertise to help you remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Next steps

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