Business of IT

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A lot goes into running a highly successful enterprise IT organization. No longer just looked upon to just “keep the lights on”, IT is now expected to drive innovation and guide the business on how technology is a true business enabler. Our real-world experiences demonstrate a closer partnership within the business, commitment to cultivate talent, and a focus on the technologies that will shape our future success.

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IT strategy and infrastructure

We use our technology to help us create new business processes and systems that increase productivity and competitive advantage, and improve the user experience.

IT architecture

Successful digital business starts with a solid, services-centric IT architecture. We use ours to bring IT and the business together to drive operational efficiency and business outcomes.

Women in Tech – Growing the Ranks

Three Cisco women in technology share their experiences & provide advice for other women in technology.

Meet the IT Experts

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Digitizing supply chain operations with machine learning, analytics, and the Internet of Things

Supply chains are rarely in a steady state. That’s what makes them fun and challenging. A recent example is the whipsaw we experienced two years ago.

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Portal: One Stop for Information and Services

In late 2019, Cisco’s Customer Experience (CX) team invited us, Cisco IT, to be “Customer Zero” for the Cisco CX Portal. This newly developed portal, built on collaborative intelligence, brings together all information and services about a product into one view, a single pane of glass.

How AppDynamics helps improve IT applications

Choosing which application enhancements will best serve the most users can be a difficult decision for any development team. Now, many of those decisions are easier for my team because of the detailed information we get from the AppDynamics Application Performance Management solution.

Weird places I’ve worked

It’s 25 years ago and I’m in the midst of my original career, as a newspaper reporter. I live and work in northern Los Angeles County, and the region has recently been rocked by the Northridge Earthquake.