The network drives our business

Cisco's network is made up of systems that address the unique needs of each place in the network, connected by a common infrastructure. These systems help us speed new technology, protect network and data integrity, and improve employee productivity.

Cisco IT Road to Intent-Based Networking

Cisco IT shares insights and lessons learned from our own ongoing network transformation journey across Access, WAN, and Data Center/Cloud.


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IT networking stories


Connecting branches to data centers and multi-cloud environments through a single fabric.

Bringing SD-WAN to Our Branch Offices: Our Journey and Lessons Learned

Go anywhere with Catalyst 9000s

Software-defined network

Delivering a centralized, programmable network, making it more flexible and easier to manage

Cisco Catalyst Center: early results from intent-based networking

Using Cisco Catalyst Center for network as a platform

SDN and its role in automating and scaling in the data center

Meet the IT bloggers

Read the latest news on what's happening in Cisco IT from those on the front lines. Read more

Zeroing in on network performance issues, with ThousandEyes

Network performance metrics for every hop from the branch to the cloud? They're at our fingertips, with ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on Catalyst 9000 switches.

Journey Map – all paths lead to an intent-based network

Check out Cisco IT's interactive journey map to Intent-Based Networking. We share insights and lessons learned from our own ongoing network transformation journey.

5 ways automating software image management is making Cisco IT engineers’ lives better

Cisco IT is automating many steps in the device software upgrade process by leveraging the SWIM capability in Cisco Catalyst Center.

Cisco retail store of the future

Cisco is updating an outdated retail space on its main campus with technologies that make the space easier to shop, easier to run, and capable of learning from customers.

Catalyst 9K in North Sydney

By deploying Catalyst 9000 on a parallel network, IT can learn about real-world challenges within the company and get a firsthand perspective of what Cisco customers experience.

4800 access points | customer zero

We go behind the scenes to track a real-life product deployment of Cisco Aironet 4800 access points in Charlotte, North Carolina, with a few members of our IT staff.