Case Study: Department of Education Training Victoria

Teachers enhance education with Webex

Using Cisco Webex Solutions, the Victorian Government is connecting 1,600 schools, 44,000 teaching staff and 620,000 students. See how one teacher from a regional secondary school in Beechworth, Victoria got it all started.


Technology goals

  • Make it easy for students and teachers to meet virtually
  • Reduce complexity of IT management

Impressive outcomes

  • Easy-to-use, dependable virtual learning experience for students
  • Webex Meetings is affordable with special pricing available for educational institutions
  • Recording and transcribing lectures is simple

Creating impactful virtual learning experiences

Your classroom can only provide so much. There's so much more to the world than the four walls of your classroom. Webex is exciting because it's expanding the world not just for me but for my students.

Rachel Castricum, Teacher, Beechworth Secondary School

What is Victoria State Government Department of Education and Training?

Industry: Education

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Size: 1,600 schools, 44,000 teaching staff and 620,000 students