Case Study: Cliftons Venues

IT transformed: Simple, secure, reliable

Connecting employees across global operations, with real time messaging and video conferencing, Webex has enabled seamless transitions between workspaces. For employees and clients alike at Cliftons, staying connected has never been so easy.



  • Cost effectively connect teams from eleven venues in nine cities across three countries
  • Reduce the IT complexity of managing multiple disparate phone systems across multiple locations
  • Rapidly transition employees to a 100 percent work from home set up, and then back again
  • Safeguard both clients and employees while ensuring business continuity


  • One centrally managed collaboration platform providing cost savings and increased efficiency
  • 30 percent reduction of email usage replaced by team and one-on-one messaging
  • The flexibility to allow every user to connect via their own device
  • Seamless collaboration enabled by cloud calling, video conferencing, secure messaging and file sharing

Reimagining teamwork with Webex

We feel more like a team because we're acting like one. Webex has given us the collaboration tools to do what we need with the same experience when working remotely, or in the office.

Robert Boehmer, Chief Operations Officer, Cliftons

Who are Cliftons?

Industry: Event services

Location: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore