Cisco Case Study: Georgia Public Broadcasting

Creating a new approach for political debates

Georgia Public Broadcasting needed to build an unprecedented platform for virtual debates with a high number of remote participants, and they needed to do it fast. See how Webex helped deliver a high quality production broadcast in a secure, controlled environment. 



  • Pandemic threatened live television broadcast of essential primary election debates
  • Need to connect high number of remote participants without  opportunity for "bombing"
  • Viewers demand high production quality; time didn't allow for usual troubleshooting and rehearsal

Impressive outcomes

  • GPB broadcasted ten virtual debates with 75 live locations over two days of live television
  • Dialogue between debate candidates, moderators, and panelists was free-flowing and organic
  • On-premise approach ensured control and performance

Live broadcasting redefined

By marrying the traditional tools of broadcasting with meeting and collaboration technology, we aimed to create something truly unique. I think together, we accomplished that. And it's only getting better.

Adam Woodlief, Chief Technology Officer, Georgia Public Broadcasting

Who is Georgia Public Broadcasting?

Industry: Media & Entertainment
Location: Atlanta, GA
Size: PBS / NPR network with nine television and 19 radio stations