Head & Neck Pathology Consultations

Video conferencing for improved diagnoses

Seeing and sharing pathology slides is critical to identifying the correct diagnosis. See how Dr. Lester Thompson of Head & Neck Pathology Consultations uses Cisco Webex to connect with doctors around the world.


Technology goals

  • Easy video conferencing
  • Certifications and processes for secure data
  • High definition screensharing
  • Meeting recordings


Impressive outcomes

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Consults with remote pathologists
  • Build relationships and trust
  • Improved communication and quality of care

More accurate diagnosis with second opinion

Pathology is one of the most visually intensive fields. With Webex HD screensharing, I can consult with other pathologists real-time and review high resolution imagery of cell samples.

Lester Thompson, M.D.

Who is Head & Neck Pathology Consultations?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Size: Small business
Website: http://lesterthompsonmd.com/