ROC ter AA Netherlands Training Institute

Making online learning personal

See how ROC ter AA, a Netherlands-based vocational training institute, is using Webex to make online learning more effective and efficient than a traditional classroom-only approach.


Technology challenges

  • Installing Skype in emergency situations simply isn’t scalable
  • Email, LMS, and other older technologies no longer cut it--students have evolved
  • Lack of consistent communication technologies created inconsistencies and confusion

Impressive outcomes

  • Webex Meetings is affordable; special pricing available for educational institutions
  • Recording and transcribing lectures is simple
  • Student satisfaction levels have risen from 70 to 90 percent since adopting Webex Meetings

Online learning as a foundation, not an afterthought

We start the instructional process by delivering lectures on video, integrating collaborative tools from the very beginning. This approach is far more effective and efficient than tacking them on to a traditional classroom-based approach.

Peter Bessems - IT at ROC ter AA

What is ROC ter AA?

Industry: Education
Location: Helmond, Netherlands
Size: 4,000 students