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At Cisco, we believe people working together can achieve extraordinary things. Intuitive meeting experiences, comprehensive calling solutions, faster team collaboration, and personalized customer care solutions are helping businesses excel in today's digital economy. See what our customers and analysts are saying about Cisco collaboration solutions.

What I love about Webex

The BIG GREEN BUTTON! And video everywhere. We've made meetings simple and the usage is really taking off, which is very important for a global company separated by distance. We are building a tighter family.

Brian Kachel, CTO, Premier Research

Enterprise-class collaboration for all

In a complex world, cognitive-enabled collaboration solutions build a bridge between today and the future of work.


Video improves relationships

93% of surveyed organizations believe that video improves meeting interactions and strengthens business relationships.

Source: TechValidate


Users love video interactions

3 out of 4 customers join Webex Meetings via video-conferencing devices or plan to do so in the future.

Source: TechValidate


Users love Cisco Collaboration

91% of surveyed users are likely to recommend Cisco Collaboration.

Source: TechValidate

Customer experience spotlight

"[Webex Meetings] allows my team to collaborate and communicate faster--thus driving up productivity."

-David Severcool, IT Director, Control Southern
Source: TechValidate

"[Webex Meetings] simplify the flow of my daily work and enable me to work faster, with greater productivity."

-Shelley Black, Customer Care, Technicolor Inc.
Source: TechValidate

"Webex Meetings allows our clients to join from anywhere, includes video, and is easy to schedule. It's a complete tool."

-Andre Sole, CEO, Fyrtarn
Source: TechValidate

Why Cisco for Your Collaboration Needs

Millions rely on Cisco Webex to work smarter, connect across boundaries, and drive innovative ideas forward. When you want a secure, flexible, seamless, and intelligent collaboration solution, you choose Cisco.

Effective web meetings are a priority

Strong business starts with strong relationships. Today it’s not about where you work, but about how you work. And meeting, effectively, is a priority. Cisco Webex provides you with a proven, simple, and innovative solution that helps you achieve effective virtual meetings.


When asked how Webex Meetings has helped them to improve their productivity with the ability to have shorter, more effective meetings, 86% of surveyed organizations said it has resulted in the expected amount of improvement.

Source: TechValidate

20+meetings per week

100% of surveyed organizations confirmed that they participate in 20+ meetings per week.

Source: TechValidate


65% of surveyed users say the Webex Meetings Join button has made their lives easier thanks to fast, easy meeting access.

Source: TechValidate

Improving relationships and workflows

Webex is versatile enough that we all find different ways to use it. Beyond streamlining workflows, it brings all of us closer to colleagues who are far away. There's a huge difference between a phone call and a video conference.

Brendan Macintyre, Senior Support Analyst, CDP

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