Case Study: Halldis

Exceeding customer expectations with Webex

For more than thirty years, Halldis has specialized in the short-term rental market, with over 1,850 apartments across Europe. The apartments are in exclusive areas of popular cities and offer a tailor-made service to those on the move. The company's aim is to give its guests the opportunity to feel at home. Cisco helps Halldis to talk to its customers whenever, wherever, even if they are at the top of a ski slope.



  • Easy customer communication channels from anywhere
  • Facilitates highly secure team internal communications
  • Intelligent customer contact center solution


  • Transformed interactions with continuous availability and rapid responses
  • Created flexibility to bring teams together
  • Increased business and sales

What they are saying

Using Webex, customers can easily send an IM or jump on a video call to ask us about nearby transportation, events they should attend, or local food we highly recommend. They can have an omnichannel experience and choose whatever platform they feel most comfortable using.

Francesco Iarlori, Head of Innovation and Digital Strategy, Halldis

Who Is Halldis?

Industry: Hospitality
Location: Milan,Italy, and across Europe
Size: 120 employees
Website: Halldis