Webex for Healthcare

Solutions for virtual healthcare and telehealth enable secure, patient-centered care.

Frontline workers are saving lives

Cisco and country start Thomas Rhett wanted to say thanks.

Transition to virtual healthcare

 Access the resources you need to get started with telehealth virtual consults quickly. Find tools made specifically for clinicians, care teams, administrative staff, patients, and healthcare IT.

Between trauma and treatment, there's Webex

Webex creates the possibility of remote collaboration that's simple, reliable, and highly secure.

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Your instant clinician office

The Cisco Webex Desk Pro is customizable for remote healthcare settings and clinician offices. It provides medical practitioners with the ability to extend an exceptional remote experience, connect with experts for second opinions, and allows for easy content sharing.

Design a complete healthcare solution

Cisco can help securely connect and enable healthcare providers to deliver patient-centered care with solutions for enhanced clinical experiences, patient collaboration, contact center, telemedicine and more.

Work and collaborate remotely

Physicians, nurses, and specialists can collaborate with video conferencing to help speed decisions. Administration can collaborate across departments, improve staff training, and increase efficiency. 

Maintain face-to-face experiences

Improve access to care, increase specialist visits and improve staff efficiency with face-to-face healthcare via video conferencing and devices. 

Virtual contact center and remote agents

To help healthcare organizations respond to increased volume of patient inquiries, Cisco offers a rapidly deployable cloud contact center solution that can have your agents working from home in as little as 5 days.

Enhanced team communications

Treating patients and solving problems requires  clear communication. Bring real-time communication from your phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging and chat, and integrate with everyday business applications.

Improve patient experiences

Track, analyze and enhance patient experience across multiple touchpoints – pre-consultation, post-consultation, and more. Create and customize surveys effortlessly and address negative patient feedback in real-time.

Designed for security

Healthcare providers and patients are more connected than ever, making secure meeting solutions even more important.

Technology that saves time, saves lives

By deploying the Cisco Webex Multi-Content Solution, the time taken between diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients at Oslo University Hospital was brought down from 7 weeks to 1 week.

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