Case Study: MAHEC

Improve patient care with Collaboration Technology

Learn why the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) switched from Zoom to Webex to create a seamless collaboration experience that works for everyone from their doctors and staff, to the CEO of the company.


Technology challenges

  • Disconnect between video and web conferencing
  • Lack of standardized user experience
  • Difficult to deploy, need for scale
  • Costs associated with video endpoint registration
  • Lack of reliability

Impressive outcomes

  • Meetings easy to join, pair and share
  • Lowered IT costs to deploy and support
  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Elevated user experience and doctor-patient trust

Seamless meetings with Webex

We were using Zoom as our collaboration solution and it was taking three to five minutes to start every meeting. The doctors were frustrated. We were wasting their time. If we're in a meeting for an extra five minutes that's one patient we've lost for the day. So we switched to Webex. Webex is just a much simpler experience.

Chris Jury, MAHEC IT Operations Manager

What is Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)?

Industry: healthcare
Location: Asheville, NC
Size: 600 physicians and dentists