Case Study: University of Camerino

Forced to rethink our education approach

The University of Camerino was devastated by three earthquakes that rocked Central Italy in October 2016. Learn how, within just a few weeks, the university was up and running on Cisco Webex with over 1,000 students connecting regularly to classes.


Technology challenges

  • The earthquakes meant many university buildings were shut - much of the school was inaccessible
  • An estimated 2,000 students lost accommodations and couldn’t make it to school
  • Current e-learning processes were cumbersome - they required a more streamlined solution

Impressive outcomes

  • Three weeks after the earthquakes, law classes were already being taught over Webex
  • Over 1,000 students were regularly connecting to classes, nearly all displaced students
  • There’s no turning back now - more e-learning initiatives are already in the works

E-learning: Not an all-or-nothing endeavor

We have no intention of returning to the classroom-only reality. We realized the potential of tapping into the world of online instruction. Future plans include providing methods to allow students to replay recorded lessons. This will allow students to learn at their own pace, while ensuring we keep with our traditions.

Luciano Barboni Professor, University of Camerino

What is University of Camerino?

Industry: Education
Location: Camerino, Italy
Size: 8,000 students and 600 teaching and administrative staff