Webex Expert on Demand

Webex Expert on Demand is bringing Webex team collaboration to the frontline.

Connecting the frontline with virtual experts

Webex Expert on Demand enables hybrid work by bringing collaboration to the frontline with augmented reality devices.

Augmented reality unlocks benefits

Access experts

Use Expert on Demand on oil rigs, in manufacturing, and outdoors to get assistance with maintenance and solve problems.

Cut time to resolution

Frontline workers have access to instant help from experts at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Reduce operational costs

Save on travel costs for experts, as well on training and education by bringing it all on-site, virtually. 

Improve frontline safety

Empower frontline workers to make the correct decisions with access to experts on call, leading to safer outcomes.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2, a wearable device by Google

A small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display for hands-free work to provide a highly collaborative and real-time way for frontline workers to get high value work done smarter and faster.

Getting ahead of the game

By using RealWear and Cisco Webex Expert on Demand, we were able to improve on our existing collaboration tools to work more efficiently. Remarkably, we increased first-time fix rates and improved the speed of getting to first-time resolution, all while significantly reducing travel expenses.

Klemens Fliri, IT-Systems Engineer Global UC & Leader, Hirschmann Automotive