What Is a Huddle Space?

A huddle space is a small room or open space that accommodates meetings for a small number of people. Huddle spaces are becoming increasingly popular as teams need informal spaces to connect and drive work forward. Learn how huddle spaces are changing the business landscape.

Why do huddle spaces fit in open office floor plans?

The growth of open space floor plans has increased the need for more smaller spaces and touchdown areas where small teams can quickly come together for focused work.

How are huddle spaces defined?

Huddle spaces are small open areas or rooms, often used by two to five people locally for ad hoc meetings. When equipped with audio, video, and display system technology, these spaces have the flexibility to easily include remote team members. Teams can collaborate on projects, including content creation, brainstorming, and more.

What is a huddle work style?

Today's agile teams value spontaneous, immediate collaboration. Huddle work styles support more casual interactive team-based work with local and remote team members. This work style is focused on brainstorming, creating, and iterating content to support rapid decision-making and getting work done.

Types of huddle spaces

Huddle spaces for communication

Webex Room Kit Mini is a video-conferencing solution custom-designed to outfit and manage thousands of huddle spaces with the intelligent collaboration tools typical of larger room systems with lower TCO than competitors. With a wide 120-degree field of view and many of the AI capabilities of the Room Kit platform, the Room Kit Mini is a powerful solution for the smallest spaces, and ideal for rooms of two to five people.

Webex Room Kit Mini

Huddle spaces for co-creation and whiteboarding

The Webex Board 55 is a touch-based, 3-in-1 collaboration device that combines wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing. It is designed for rich team collaboration, connecting physical and virtual meeting rooms through the Cisco Webex Teams to facilitate continuous workflow before the meeting starts and even after everyone has left the physical room.

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Huddle spaces for wireless sharing

The Webex Share is a simple, affordable device that converts any display into a wireless presentation screen. When walking into a room with the Webex Share plugged into the back of the screen, the user's laptop or mobile device automatically pairs with it and the user is greeted and invited to share content.

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