KB Securities Transforms to a Smart Digital Workplace with Cisco Networking, Security, and Collaboration Solutions

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Updated:August 13, 2020

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Updated:August 13, 2020



      To serve their customers better, KB Securities needed to embrace digital innovations which meant making fundamental changes in their employees’ working environment

      To react quickly to changing business needs, they needed their network to be automated and agile

      The increasing use of video required them to adopt new robust high-quality conferencing solutions

      KB Securities needed to provide reliable and secure access to business-critical financial applications


      Cisco DNA network automation made their network agile, enhanced operational efficiency, and reduced management costs

      Cisco SD-Access and Cisco Stealthwatch enabled prevention and early detection of security risks and allowed proactive responses

      Cisco collaboration solutions enabled face-to-face communications without physical contact. Enhanced collaboration and communication lead to improved performance and elevated customer satisfaction

Cisco® solutions adopted by KB Securities

      Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA)

      Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches

      Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

      Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

      Cisco Stealthwatch

      Cisco Meeting Server (CMS – Multiparty meeting infrastructure)

      Cisco Webex Devices (RoomKit Plus, Room 55, DX 80)

      Cisco Unified Communication Manager (Cisco UCM) and Expressway

      Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams

      Cisco DNA Software premier license with 7-year subscription

Digital Workplace creates value beyond the simple integration of physical spaces

As a subsidiary of KB Financial Group, the largest financial enterprise in Korea, KB Securities is responsible for financial investment operations within the group. The goal of KB Securities is to build trust with customers wherever they may be by providing investment services drawing upon its extensive expertise. It also aims to constantly create new customer value through bold innovations in the everchanging financial and digital environments.

In 2018, KB Securities gathered their 1,500 employees scattered across three different buildings into the K-Tower building in Seoul’s Yeouido financial district to improve employee collaboration and to enhance customer service. At a time when financial instruments are becoming ever more diversified and sophisticated, KB Securities wants to help employees focus on customer service instead of wasting time moving from place to place for meetings. Accordingly, KB Securities upgraded its digital workplace IT infrastructure to support mobility and collaboration and to fundamentally transform the working environment.

Cisco SD-Access establishes a foundation for a digital workplace

When it moved into its integrated workspace, KB Securities replaced its legacy network with new infrastructure based on Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) and Cisco SD-Access in order to better respond to the constantly evolving business environment. Its single network fabric enabled responsive management integrating wired and wireless networks, collaboration, and the mobility needed to support a flexible working environment. Furthermore, the company is now able to consistently manage policies and provide reliable services to its network users, devices, and business applications.

Automation and security features lower expenses and reduce risks

The automation features offered by Cisco SD-Access facilitate movement and flexibility between wired and wireless networks required for business expansion. At the same time, both security and mobility were substantially enhanced. With Cisco SD-Access, no network changes need to be done manually when employees transfer to another team or division. In addition, its robust access policy based on users and user groups, creates a reliable and intelligent working environment with improved security by securing the business network from unauthorized or illegitimate access.

By adopting Cisco Stealthwatch, the Cisco network security and visibility solution, KB Securities can monitor any unusual traffic or abnormal signals throughout its network, based on the full range of NetFlow information generated by network equipment, and can identify risks in advance. Cisco Stealthwatch detects and remediates hidden security risks even in encrypted traffic.

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Remote collaboration boosts communication and customer service capacity

KB Securities successfully diverted the time and effort it used to spend in operating and maintaining its legacy network infrastructure to IT innovation instead. Part of this effort was its decision to introduce Cisco collaboration solutions for its employees who had been struggling to effectively communicate and collaborate due to the need to frequently change physical environments. Now, thanks to specific features including RoomKit Plus for medium-and large-sized meeting rooms, Room 55 for small- and medium-sized rooms, and DX 80 optimized for individual workspaces, face-to-face communication has been facilitated among executives, working-level employees, and people at overseas branches. As a result, employees and executives can now enjoy greater collaboration and communication throughout the six regional HQs and 120+ branches, as well as with headquarters. Performance has been enhanced and customer service capacity improved. KB Securities is currently seeking ways to utilize Cisco collaboration solutions for real-time consulting with its customers. KB Securities has pursued this agility in advancing the digital workplace because it is essential to innovating its customer service work practices. Therefore, instead of settling for the accomplishments of today, KB Securities is aspiring to help its employees and customers enjoy even greater benefits resulting from the innovations it achieves based on smart network infrastructure.

Cisco DNA Software subscription delivers ongoing innovation

Realizing the value that continuous access to the latest networking and security innovations bring to their continuing digital transformation, KB Securities chose the top-tier Cisco DNA Premier licensing subscription which includes Cisco DNA Automation, Analytics, and SD-Access, as well as security applications such as ISE and Stealthwatch. The Cisco DNA licensing model gives KB Securities uninterrupted access to new features, portability across deployment models, and financial predictability.

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By adopting modern, innovative, and smart solutions, KB Securities has positioned itself well for its ongoing digital transformation. Its employees are more collaborative and productive, customers more secure, and IT is better equipped to deal with growth.

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