Vistara Soars above the Clouds with Cisco Software Defined WAN

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Updated:November 20, 2020

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Updated:November 20, 2020

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Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA), started its operations in India in 2015, blending Tata’s historic service excellence  with SIA’s global aviation experience. Vistara has flown more than 20 million flyers across 36 destinations in just five years of operations and has been aggressively expanding its operations across the country and beyond. India’s first airline with a three-class seating configuration, Vistara recently also became the first in the country to operate the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

Vistara is India’s highest-rated airline on Skytrax and Tripadvisor, and has also been the winner of several ‘Best Airline’ awards. Vistara has raised the bar for operations and service delivery in the Indian aviation industry by offering the finest flying experience to travellers.

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Tata Vistara

Industry: Travel

Location: India

Number of Employees: Serving 20 million customers


  A consistent and robust communication backbone for a rapidly growing business                                                       
  Recharting of existing WAN topology
  Minimal downtime and maximum performance
  A single unified network for all locations


  Cisco SD-WAN


  A transformed future-proof WAN topology
  Optimized data streams across multiple locations
  Scalable SLAs
  Seamless visibility and management on a single dashboard
  Huge reduction in overheads


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Business challenge

Being a technology-focussed organization, Vistara continually looks to optimize its IT resources and infrastructure to keep pace with rapid growth in its own network and the aviation industry at large.

With its rapidly growing network in India and globally, maintaining a consistent flow of communication and data exchange was becoming increasingly challenging. In order to fulfil the requirement, Vistara was trying to build a robust technology infrastructure that could enable real-time and centralized communication amongst its network. While the company had disparate solutions for WAN connectivity, management and security, they had to be consolidated, centrally-managed and optimized. In short, Vistara’s WAN topology had to be re-charted and optimized.

The company, recently embarked on a multi-cloud strategy. This was the ambitious vision and dream of Mr. Subhash Kumar Mishra, Head – IT Enterprise, TATA SIA Airlines Ltd. Leveraging his experience of 15+ years, along with leadership in complex IT implementations, Subhash saw that Vistara needed a strong and cost effective solution to run a spectrum of pplications with minimal downtime and maximum performance. Leading with this vision, the benefits of SD-WAN were quickly realized and the work on getting Vistara its ONE network across multiple locations began taking shape.


“Thanks to Cisco SD-WAN, our network topology is now optimized and centralized across all of our operations and IT offices, making it easier to manage data and incrementally save costs.”

Subhash Kumar Mishra, Head of IT Enterprise, Vistara



Built on a cloud-first architecture, Cisco SD-WAN provides a software-powered, multi-tier IP network with a zero-trust security philosophy, right from the edge to the cloud. With this solution, Vistara is able to ensure a consistent security framework for management, policy making, and on-boarding of personnel as well as applications. The solution also enables direct internet access across all Vistara sites, with consistent and fully equipped network performance.

During the course of the ambitious project, Subhash’s insights helped in shaping the entire network with a promise of optimality. With his unrelenting support and dedication, both Vistara and Cisco teams managed to deploy the solution, from an ‘adaptability of an industry-wide new technology’ standpoint, across the network in record time. Cisco’s feedback forums for the customers further helped in continuous development basis suggestions by Subhash and his team.



Today, Vistara has achieved a smooth take off in its application performance optimization journey. Besides optimizing its WAN connectivity topology, Vistara is now able to perform consistent, future-ready security checks across DNS and firewalls, and is additionally able to program and define communication frameworks across its offices and IT offices. With a centralized dashboard in place, each office has seamless visibility and management capabilities where SLAs can be scaled up or down - an important aspect of business in a dynamically changing industry like aviation. All of these features are enveloped with a consistent, device-agnostic user experience which makes it easy and cost effective for new deployments. It also makes it easier to train new personnel in usage and management of the solution. With the Cisco SD-WAN solution, Vistara is ready to fly higher into unchartered territories of future technologies and communication to better serve its flyers.


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