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Updated:November 3, 2022

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Updated:November 3, 2022

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Innovating with cloud, your way

Application experience drives business success. Technology must operate flawlessly in real time to deliver the right experience. Applications, data, and the supporting infrastructure are increasingly distributed. Ninety-two percent of organizations use more than one public cloud provider,[1] so the IT landscape is increasingly fragmented and complex.

The network is critical to distributed applications and connecting users to those services. Cisco offers unique capabilities to connect, secure, and automate complex hybrid cloud environments. We provide the technology building blocks driven by APIs that work with a broad ecosystem of partner products and technologies. Cisco helps you leverage the resources and tools you have already invested in to help you build cloud ready and operate cloud smart. You can innovate using cloud-native technologies and implement cloud your way.

Seventy-nine percent of IT organizations operate using hybrid cloud.[2] Cisco offers cloud-driven automation to increase business agility. Our hybrid cloud operations platform is simple, scalable, and extensible. We are working with our technology partners to increase automation, offer cloud ready solutions, and help organizations adopt a cloud-agnostic strategy through a range of use cases:

Table 1.         Hybrid cloud use cases

Foundational capabilities

Cloud ready networking

Cloud ready computing

Advanced capabilities

Hybrid cloud networking

Edge computing

Infrastructure resource optimization

Infrastructure and workload visibility

Cloud orchestration


Unified platform experience

Figure 1.             

Unified platform experience


Cisco’s hybrid cloud solutions empower IT organizations to:

      Build cloud ready: Modernize with cloud-managed infrastructure designed for simplified automation and continuous delivery

      Operate cloud smart: Connect to the clouds of your choice, stay in control, and optimize everywhere to deliver better outcomes

Implement cloud your way

Our unique approach to hybrid cloud allows you to preserve your existing investment while cost-effectively adapting to the demands of your business. Cisco’s focus on a unified experience and cloud-managed operations platforms empowers diverse users to manage hybrid operations across clouds and on-premises infrastructure. You can configure with ease and operate with confidence.

Cisco Intersight provides intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration to bring your teams, tools, infrastructure, and applications together. Cisco Nexus Cloud makes it easier to manage your hybrid cloud network operations. Cisco CX Cloud allows you to see your whole IT environment and get the guidance to analyze for predictability.

Cisco’s hybrid cloud solutions are:

      Interoperable: compatible with any cloud infrastructure, avoiding lock-in

      Flexible: adaptable to diverse environments and consumption models

      Cloud-managed: delivering infrastructure automation and ease of administration

      Proactive: mitigating risk, reducing costs, and ensuring application performance with analytics-driven recommendations and insights

Let us help you build cloud ready and operate cloud smart. Cisco’s platform approach delivers a unified experience for IT teams, and better business results.

“It will save us a ton of time, improve the security and consistency of our network operations, and give us much more flexibility for where to place our workloads”

Johan Stengård,

Solution Architect for IT Networks, Skanska Construction

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