Save now on new Cisco Cloud Network Controller (formerly Cisco Cloud ACI) and Cisco's Catalyst 8000V

Cisco Cloud Network Controller(formerly Cisco Cloud ACI) provides enterprises with networking tools necessary to accelerate their multicloud journey.


Cisco Cloud Network Controller enables:

  • Seamless connectivity for any workload at scale across any location
  • Operational simplicity and visibility across a vast multisite and multicloud data-center network
  • Easy L4-7 services integration             
  • Consistent security and segmentation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Cisco Cloud Network Controller provides the capability to connect and consume public clouds, accelerating business agility to support hybrid-cloud and multicloud environments.

Utilizing cloud-native constructs, the solution enables automation that accelerates infrastructure deployment and governance and simplifies management to easily connect workloads across multicloud environments. The Cisco Cloud Network Controller vision is to support enhanced observability, operations, and troubleshooting across the entire environment.

Cisco applies its deep expertise in on-premises environments to augment the capabilities provided by public cloud providers, to enable organizations to fully align cloud environments with their existing security policies, routing policies, and other requirements, to support multicloud transformation without compromise. Flexible deployment options let organizations configure routing separately from security. This allows enterprises to leverage Cisco Cloud Network Controller to connect their resources while security is governed by separate teams. Cisco Network Controller utilizes Cisco's Catalyst 8000V for its cloud-routing capabilities on the three main cloud-service providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud).

Cisco Cloud Network Controller is the main architectural component of this multicloud solution. It is the unified point of automation and management for the solution fabric including network and security policy and health monitoring and optimizes performance and agility. The complete solution includes:

Cisco Cloud Network Controller Cisco Nexus Dashboard orchestration and visibility Cisco Catalyst 8000V or a cloud-native router

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The Cisco Catalyst 8000V is a software router that an enterprise or a cloud provider can deploy as a virtual machine in a provider-hosted cloud or in its own virtual environment. It can run on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) servers as well as on servers from leading vendors that support the Amazon EC2 cloud, Microsoft Azure cloud, or Google Cloud Platform. It contains Cisco IOS XE software networking and security features.

Save now with an additional 15% off the bundling of Cisco Cloud Network Controller and Cisco's Catalyst 8000V Bundle.

  • Cloud Network Controller (15% discount, minimum 50 virtual machines)
  • Catalyst 8000V (15% discount with minimum of Catalyst 8000v routers)

How to buy:



  • Low-cost option for cloud components.
  • Multiple on-premises DC fabrics will still need minimum DC Advantage leaf licenses.
  • Ease journey to multicloud deployments.
  • Single-site on-premises Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) or Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller fabrics can operate with Essentials, Advantage, or Premier leaf license.

Terms and conditions

  • Maximum bundle discount ~ 70%
  • 1 bundle per customer
  • Cisco Cloud Network Controller (minimum quantity: 50 virtual machines)
  • Catalyst 8000V (minimum quantity: 2)
  • Available through July 27, 2024