Cisco Validated Designs for Power Utilities and Renewable Energy

Build modern and secure power grid infrastructures

Drive your power grid modernization projects and integrate distributed renewable energy resources with network designs that help you implement substation automation (SA), distribution automation (DA), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and grid cybersecurity.

Substation automation customers:
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Validated designs for digital utilities and renewable energy

Substation automation (SA)

Enable modern substation control and protection functions with a thorough network architecture designed for IEC 61850, network redundancy (PRP, HSR), timing, synchronization (PTP), and security.

Distribution automation (DA)

Reduce line loss, increase reliability index (SAIDI, SAIFI, etc.), and enable smooth integration with distributed energy resources (DER) with a DA infrastructure that supports multiple networking options (public and private LTE, 5G, FirstNet, Wi-Sun mesh and LoRaWAN), end-to end security, easy deployment, and management.

Grid security

See how your network can give you visibility into your grid assets so that you can secure operations comprehensively and meet regulatory requirements with a series of simple steps.

Renewable energy 

Connect and integrate renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, and battery storage into the grid. 

Connecting remote and mobile assets

Take your grid operations to the next level by building a network infrastructure that can easily include vehicles, industrial sensors, and remote assets. 

More digital utility capabilities

Stay ahead of industry trends and accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging our unmatched digital utility networking experience.

Industrial IoT customer stories

Learn how utilities are leveraging our validated designs and solutions to transform their operations and realize key industrial IoT outcomes.

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