Test-Drive the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Use it with Catalyst switches and access points

Cloud-connected networking for Cisco Catalyst users is now available. Demo and try Meraki cloud monitoring for Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches or Meraki cloud management for Wi-Fi 6E Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points.

See the instant demo

The Meraki dashboard delivers sophistication without complexity and agility without compromise. Log in to the instant demo and see how Meraki unifies and automates network management and monitoring across campus, branch, and remote sites. 

Try the Meraki dashboard today

Experience the simplicity and the freedom of working from anywhere. Onboard your Catalyst switches to the Meraki dashboard and explore the following cloud monitoring benefits:

  • See your entire network, from the core to the edge, through a single pane of glass.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot network issues in minutes.
  • Experience rapid event detection and remediation.

What happens next

After you experience the instant demo, you can onboard your Catalyst 9000 switch to the Meraki dashboard. You must provide your own Catalyst switch to try the dashboard. If you don't have a Cisco DNA Software subscription, that's OK. You can use the dashboard without it.

If you're interested in pursuing Meraki cloud management for your Catalyst access points, contact your account team.

Eligible hardware

Cloud monitoring capabilities are available for the Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series, Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series, and Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Switches, all running Cisco IOS XE Software 17.3 or later.

Software requirements

For cloud monitoring of Catalyst switches with the Meraki dashboard, the only software required is Cisco IOS XE 17.3 or later firmware, which is already installed on your hardware. A Cisco DNA Software subscription is not required currently; however, if you have a Cisco DNA Advantage subscription for switches, you'll have a more extensive set of cloud monitoring capabilities.