Catalyst 9600X bundle offer

Save up to 16% on Catalyst 9600X next-generation line cards and supervisor

Upgrade your modular campus core to the next-generation 400G line cards and Cisco Catalyst 9600X Supervisor powered by the Cisco Silicon One Q200 ASIC.

This offer includes:

  • Up to 16% off C9600X-SUP-2 and two Gen2 line cards
  • Up to 10% off C9600X-SUP-2 and one C9600X line card

Promotion details

Two bundles with big savings for both new and current deployments.

New deployments offer

Get up to a 16% discount with the C9600X-BN-A bundle which includes one C9600X-SUP-2 and two Gen2 line cards: C9600-LC-40YL4CD and C9600X-LC-32CD.

Current deployments offer

Get up to a 10% discount with the C9600X-UPG-BN bundle which includes one C9600X-SUP-2 and one C9600X-LC-32CD line card. Take an additional 14% off a second C9600X-LC-32CD line card.

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