Cisco SD-WAN live demo

Accessing the SD-WAN live demo

IIn this instant demo, you will access a live, running instance of Cisco SD-WAN in a lab environment powered by Cisco dCloud.

Download and review the guide before using the instant-demo system. If you deviate from the guide, you may encounter issues. In case issues arise, clear your browser cache, log off, and log back in.

To access the instant demo:

  1. Get the demo guide.
  2. Access the Cisco SD-WAN user interface.
  3. Once you're connected to the instant-demo server, log in as follows:
    username: demo
    password: demo1234!
  4. From there, follow the PDF guide or explore the experience on your own.
  5. Auto-login is not in place for SD-WAN at this time.

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