Why Cisco for Education?

Why Cisco for Education?

Reimagining education for all.

Education is changing. From rapid shifts to distance and hybrid learning to a transforming job market and skills landscape. From new models of teaching and student engagement to the evolving role of the campus and classroom. From barriers to access and a growing digital divide to resource constraints, financing challenges, and mounting security threats - today is a time of unparalleled digital transformation.

You’re reinventing education in real time. The future of education is based on solutions that are simple to use, work together seamlessly, and are backed by world-class support.

That’s where Cisco comes in.

Learning and innovation are in our DNA.

Ever since two professors started Cisco in 1984, education has been in our blood. We work with tens of thousands of schools, colleges, and universities around the world to support education inside and outside the classroom with collaboration, security, mobility, networking, and data center technologies.

We believe it is critical to continue educating the leaders, dreamers, creators, scientists, engineers, researchers, and caretakers of tomorrow without compromising trust, security, or privacy today.

Simple. Smart. Seamless. Secure. Supported.

Let’s reimagine education together. Our solutions are simple to use, seamless to deploy, and supported by a committed network of education experts. Security is critical, so we build it into everything we make. We believe that by connecting people and technology, we can help you drive new possibilities in teaching and learning.

Cisco Networking Academy® transforms the lives of learners, educators, and communities by helping people develop the technology skills they need for in-demand jobs.

Networking Academy’s courses and tools are provided for free to 11,800 educational partners, including schools, universities, training centers, nonprofit organizations, and even prisons. Since 1997, 12.67 million people in 180 countries have learned digital skills for a changing world through Networking Academy.

To advance education and drive innovation, Cisco awards grants and collaborates with global universities on research. We partner with education-focused nonprofits to extend access to education, and spark creativity through innovation programs, including the Cisco® Global Problem Solver Challenge.

Creativity is key. Cisco DevNet facilitates an open platform for innovation, working with our education community to co-create solutions built on our open APIs.

At Cisco, we are committed to building an inclusive future in education as your technology partner. Our funding and financing offers for educational institutions are a key part of that partnership. From Cisco Capital® to Cisco Refresh to Cisco Country Digital Acceleration, we help you maximize your budget, deliver digital transformation, and adapt to a changing education landscape.

A portfolio to solve your most pressing challenges.

University, college, or school. Large or small. We are committed to helping ensure the continuity and expansion of learning. With our broad portfolio and unmatched experience that spans networking, security, cloud, and collaboration, only Cisco can deliver the complete education solution that securely connects students, faculty and administrators – no matter where they are – so learning never stops.