Cisco Connected Justice

Reduce recidivism, relapse, and homelessness

Discover how one judicial district is helping probationers succeed post-incarceration through a simple and intuitive smartphone app.

Empowering justice through IT modernization

Simple and secure video solutions for collaboration and information sharing.

Cisco is helping justice speed information sharing, power continuity of courts, enable inmate services, and enhance post-incarceration programs, all with industry-leading security.

Secure, easy to use solutions for justice

Community safety

Speed incident response and information sharing for better outcomes.


Enable secure real-time virtual court proceedings anywhere, anytime.


Take control of quarantines in your corrections and detention centers.

Community supervision

Deliver critical rehabilitative support and supervision with real-time mobile solutions.

Deliver contactless rehabilitative support

Meet three times as many clients a day and empower anytime check-in, dynamic geofencing, and behavioral resources.

Courtroom tradition meets technology innovation

See how Elkhart County, Indiana’s nine courtrooms thrived despite the pandemic. All thanks to Webex.

Seven questions to ask before you start

By asking these technology questions upfront, you can be more successful in deploying your own fully functional virtual courtroom.

Set up your own virtual visitation solution

See how our Customer Experience team can help you deliver critical correctional facility visits without physical contact.

Innovative partners in justice

Together we deliver creative solutions for your long-term resiliency. 


Create a virtual citizens office to enable hybrid hearings and appearances for courts and administrative hearings.


Give corrections visitation officers an easy interface to set up secure calls on demand.


Provide whole-person rehabilitative support and compliance monitoring for those under community supervision.


Adapt to new technologies and processes with a team who understands the people aspect of transformation.


Secure and robust video solutions enabling continuous justice services in any correctional environment.


Developing and manufacturing hardened case products known for quality, reliability, ease-of-use, and durability.

Let us help with funding your new initiative

Our experts at Cisco can help you navigate the maze of funding and grant opportunities. Plus, check out our Cisco Capital program for flexible payment solutions.

Spotlight on community safety

New Orleans and the IoT

Staying safe in the Big Easy just got a lot easier thanks to the IoT.

See how one police force sped critical information sharing and response during a major health crisis.

Connected operations centers

Uncover the challenges, trends, and tech you’ll face as you connect your departments.

What is the FBI CJIS?

Find out the 13 policies to stay compliant and avoid an audit.