Why Cisco for Healthcare

Cisco is your trusted technology partner, helping you reimagine care for the future.

What makes us different?

For over 20 years, Cisco's approach to healthcare has been empowering organizations to take on new challenges. See why healthcare organizations like yours trust Cisco.

We are driven by purpose

Cisco’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all. To date, we’ve positively impacted over half a billion people through grants and signature programs.

We understand the shift to care anywhere

Cisco’s advanced collaboration, video, and contact center technologies help you deliver virtual care and hybrid work more effectively, increasing adoption and improving access to care.

We build security across our products

Cyber threats in healthcare come from everywhere: the network, medical devices, and even employees. Cisco's security solutions help increase visibility and stop threats in their tracks—fast.

We are trustworthy and accountable

Our data protection standards help you to meet your compliance obligations, and the breadth of our security portfolio gives you visibility across users, devices, applications and networks.

We have proven expertise

Bringing together the experiences of Cisco, our customers, and our partners, Cisco Customer Experience with our proprietary AI gets you to successful business outcomes faster.

We make industry-leading solutions possible

Cisco has an extensive global partner ecosystem to provide the solutions you need to move your healthcare organization forward.

We help you maximize budget

Sustain the future of care with flexible financing programs. Plus, Cisco can help you take advantage of the global stimulus funding available in your country.

Ready to get started?

No matter what goals you are trying to achieve, Cisco can help build the bridge to get you there.