Connected Factory - PROFINET

Guidance for PROFINET Automation

Deploy Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into PROFINET-based automation environments. (PDF - 11.3 MB)

Integrate Ethernet Switches into PROFINET Environments

The Connected Factory - PROFINET Design and Implementation guide provides an Ethernet and IP-networking-based architecture. It helps you integrate Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into PROFINET-based industrial applications. This Cisco Validated Design focuses on the manufacturing industry, covering architectures used within the plant. However, it can be applied to many industries that use PROFINET.

The guide can help you:

  • Reduce mean-time-to-repair and increase overall equipment effectiveness through IEC-based certified convergence standards
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of your industrial automation network
  • Mitigate risks by improving network uptime and equipment availability
  • Cut costs and improve use of assets

This guide is based on Cisco Industrial Ethernet products, certified for both PROFINET and MRP by Profinet International.

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