Must-Haves for Hybrid Work in Manufacturing

Hybrid work is here to stay

Cisco empowers your manufacturing workers, whether at home, in the factory, or anywhere else. Because work is not
where you go, it’s what you do. Provide hybrid work experiences so you can maintain communications and collaboration
with your dispersed and remote workers during times of unforeseen business disruptions.

of executives report that cultural resistance, not resources or expertise, is the primary organizational challenge, signaling an imperative for workforce adaptability and change management. 

Source: Manufacturers Alliance – The future of flexible work in manufacturing

of manufacturing respondents expect their organizations will formalize a flexible remote and in-person work model (at least one day virtual) for employees during the next 12 months, a nearly 7x increase from the pre-pandemic level.

Source: Manufacturers Alliance –The future of flexible work in manufacturing

of companies have not implemented a remote work policy that is part of a long-term hybrid work strategy across remote and onsite locations.

Source: IDC – Workplace transformation in manufacturing

Put security first

Hybrid work comes with its own security risks. 

Hybrid teams and remote experts rely on personal computers, routers, and mobile devices that can be difficult to manage and secure. Look for security solutions that:

  • Provide flexible, cloud-delivered security. 
  • Protect data by verifying the identity of users, devices, and applications.
  • Detect and block cyberattacks from email.

Optimize your hybrid operations

How do you ensure that your hybrid teams can communicate effectively, stay connected to suppliers, monitor operations, and support remote experts, all from home?

Make it easy for your workers to meet, collaborate, and share with a virtual workspace that captures all the information needed to continue operations. Look for a solution that:

  • Offers secure exchange of messages and files across devices.
  • Makes it easy to search for conversations and documents.
  • Allows you to privately message one person or create a group chat in seconds.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Over half of manufacturers cite team collaboration solutions, device management, and security as areas of investment needed to enable a hybrid workforce.

If you don’t have a large IT team, you may be worried that getting your hybrid teams connected will be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. To reduce IT complexity, look for solutions that:

  • Integrate meetings, calling, and security. 
  • Are cloud-based and easy for employees to deploy without onsite IT.
  • Are simple to manage.

Get started quickly

Cisco Hybrid Work is a cloud-based solution that combines security and collaboration in one package. You get video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, and whiteboarding capabilities—plus security solutions to protect users, devices, data, email, and more. 

It is easy to purchase, deploy, and use, even without a big IT team. We offer several flexible buying options and a great partner ecosystem to help you.