Why Cisco
for Retail

Our secure, automated solutions can help transform the retail experience and improve operations.

Engage customers on their terms

Retail consumers expect seamless, personalized experiences across every touch point. Cisco provides capabilities to augment customers’ multichannel engagement preferences, build brand loyalty, and equip associates.

Secure assets and ensure compliance

Cyber threats in retail come from everywhere: the network, customer devices, and even associates. Cisco security solutions help increase visibility and stop threats in their tracks fast.

Elevate customer and employee experiences

Fast-track innovation, optimize operations, and delight customers with cloud-based technologies that make it easier to intelligently connect, secure, and unify IT experiences at scale. 

Gain visibility, gain insights, and take action

Customers demand the convenience of shopping whenever and wherever. Cisco's end-to end experience monitoring solutions give you visibility and insights into every digital moment of your customers' retail experience.

Empower your associates anywhere

Because work is not where you go, it's what you do. Provide hybrid work experiences so you can deliver experiences that meet customers’ expectations wherever, whenever, and however they choose to shop.

Maximize budget

Sustain the future of retail with flexible financing programs.  

Deliver modern experiences with Cisco

Cisco is a trusted provider to the retail industry.