Connected Rail

Enhance train, trackside, and station operations with a more connected, secure environment.

Rail solutions

Train and trackside systems

Connect digital rail infrastructure to support more secure, efficient, and sustainable operations.

Safety and surveillance

Secure environments with connected cameras and analytics that monitor activities and detect threats. 

Mobile worker

Provide secure remote access to applications and data to enable improved workforce operations.

Digital services

Provide value-added services for passengers, including personalized journeys, wayfinding, and more. 

Why Cisco for rail?

Discover the reasons rail operators and stations turn to Cisco.

The future of rail and mass transit

Tune in to a discussion about the future of rail and train stations on this episode of the Coffee and Conversations podcast.

Connected rail: CBTC

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is one of the most important innovative technology solutions to support increasing passenger volumes for railways.

Success stories

Cisco is helping rail operators and train stations around the world achieve their goals.

Network Rail (1:25)

Network Rail focuses transformation program through smart analytics

National Transport Commission (NTC)

Cisco and the NTC sign memorandum of understanding advancing digital skills in rail

VR Group

Cisco provides the security, scalability, and flexibility to help Finland's VR Group drastically improve operations.