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Cisco IoT Control Center

Bring Cisco control to IoT cellular device connectivity.

Don't just connect—grow

With cellular IoT management that powers your business.

Scale faster

Accelerate innovation and time-to-market to drive and expand market leadership.

Operate smarter

Deliver superior customer experiences while increasing profitability.

Protect better

Secure user and device access and respond quickly to suspicious behavior.

How it works

Accelerate growth and innovation

Quickly and accurately connect, provision, and deploy devices at scale with IoT Control Center. Combine thousands of automation rules to match any IoT use case and any business scenario to rapidly grow your unique business. Outpace the competition by launching new products and services quickly and easily expanding across geographies—with a platform available around the world. Capitalize on emerging technologies through continuous platform innovations.

Deliver better customer experiences

Get set for superior, more reliable customer experiences, with IoT Control Center. AI/ML anomaly detection proactively finds and alerts you about any device or connectivity issues in the background, so you're ahead of problems before they reach your customers. Plug into an extensive library of APIs that integrate directly into existing applications and systems from IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, and more to provide smooth and efficient operations. And no more surprise data overage charges: IoT Control Center automatically picks the right rate plan based on your real-time usage, boosting your profitability.

Better protect users and devices

With IoT Control Center, scaling your IoT business and top-notch security go hand in hand as you protect your users and devices with world-class, multilayered enterprise-grade security. You're in control: track device behavior, limit access to devices handpicked by you, and quickly detect SIM movement between devices. Real-time device monitoring and advanced analytics mean you can promptly and automatically spot and respond to devices exhibiting unusual data or connectivity patterns.

Keep high-value customers happy with proactive support

Building a sustainable IoT business requires providing a superior customer experience—while keeping costs down. Do both with IoT Control Center Anomaly Detection, an AI/ML-powered early warning system for any potential issues affecting your customers' IoT devices and connections.

Deliver top-tier service by pinpointing network or security issues hidden in massive amounts of device and connectivity data and addressing them quickly, before they affect your customers. Delays alienate customers and increase support costs and customer credits. Increase service reliability, improve device security, and reduce costs with IoT Control Center Anomaly Detection.

Uplevel your business with better data-driven insights, fast

Being able to quickly generate and act on business and customer operational and performance data can give you the agility to outrun the competition. Making business-changing decisions requires having the right data at the right time—data tailored to meet your unique business model and needs.

When predefined reports aren't enough, Cisco IoT Control Center Dynamic Reporting's easy-to-use, self-service tools give you the power to generate the exact business analysis and reports you need, when you need them, without being a data scientist. 

Cisco IoT Control Center is the leading connectivity management platform on the market on multiple fronts.

—James Brehm, Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist, James Brehm & Associates

Power innovation with connectivity

Connected cars

Smart meters

Predictive maintenance

Fleet management

Home security & automation

Payment & POS solutions

Scale faster with Cisco IoT cellular connectivity management

IoT should make you efficient. But connecting an army of cellular devices can be manual, costly, and reactive. Cisco IoT Control Center manages the connectivity of all your IoT devices in one global SaaS solution.

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