The Connected Factory

Cisco IoT solutions help you build a robust network to harness optimal value from your connected factory initiatives.

Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Industry leaders discussed the technology paradigm shift in manufacturing, and challenges and innovations around security, wireless technologies, and IT/OT collaboration.

Digitization begins with your network

Industrial strength

Deploy your network equipment in the harshest conditions. Rely on its industrial compliance certifications and protocol support.

Enterprise grade

Get the performance, scale, flexibility, and resiliency you need to digitize operations.

Deep visibility

Use your network as a sensor to identify assets and application flows, troubleshoot operational issues, and improve your organization's security posture.

Zero-trust security

Segment the network with policies based on the principle of least privilege. Monitor all assets for early threat detection and mitigation.

Validated designs

Avoid guesswork with our tested and validated architectures for all of your use cases.

Proven interoperability

Deploy your operational network with confidence, with industrial control systems from a leading provider.

Streamline network management

Use Cisco DNA Center as a common platform to simplify management, increase security, and help to ensure network performance from the core enterprise to the industrial edge.

Bring scale and simplicity to IoT security

From operational visibility to zero trust and all the way to a converged IT/OT security strategy, rely on Cisco for comprehensive industrial security solutions.

Enterprise-grade products with industrial strength

Our highly capable network equipment is purpose-built for industrial environments.

Industrial switching

Accelerate your digitization with a wide portfolio of ruggedized switches that bring scalability, security, and performance.

Industrial routing

Extend multi-transport routing to your operations to enable SD-WAN, remote access, and application connectivity.

Industrial wireless

Get the best fit for your unique connectivity needs. Choose from a broad set of Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, LoRaWAN, and ultra-reliable backhaul solutions.

Featured partners

Get expert advice and the benefit of professional design and implementation experience.

Rockwell Automation

Design and deploy a scalable, reliable, and secure operational network with an architecture created by Cisco and Rockwell Automation.

Schneider Electric

Enable a secure production ecosystem with powerful OT and IT capabilities, facilitating Industry 4.0 innovations.

Hear from our customers

Current offers and promotions

Up to 15% extra off select Cisco Catalyst IE switches

Purchase a one-year Cisco DNA Center license and get up to 15% incremental discount on a Catalyst IE3300 or IE3400 switch.

Get more value from your Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Leverage your existing Enterprise Agreement to obtain the software licenses you need for your IoT devices.

Free trial of industrial sensors (U.S. only)

Remove your factory blind spots with up-to 90 days of zero-risk trial of our ruggedized sensors and Industrial Asset Vision.

Deploy with confidence with our validated designs

Industrial automation solution brief

See the benefits that powerful networking devices and management systems can bring to your manufacturing operations.

Industrial automation design guide

Automate network maintenance, use AI/ML analytics to identify and resolve issues, and ensure compliance with Cisco DNA Center.

Industrial security design guide

Learn how to secure your industrial assets and processes comprehensively by following a series of simple steps.


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