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Cisco Smart Grid Services network solutions help enable security, reliability, resilience, and operational efficiency.

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Securing energy infrastructures with SD-WAN

Get an overview on how power utilities and renewable energy companies can benefit from SD-WAN automation.

CPFL Energia secures grid operations

CPFL Energia’s OT and IT teams achieved security and resilience in highly regulated, distributed power grid operations.

Securing energy infrastructure with SD-WAN

Learn how power utilities and renewable energy companies can benefit from SD-WAN automation.

The power of LTE 450 for critical infrastructure

Understand the benefits of connecting critical devices over a private LTE network using the 450 MHz band.

SD-WAN solutions for utility distribution automation

Get an overview on how to manage and optimize your industrial fixed and mobile networks using SD-WAN.

Connecting distributed energy resources (DER)

See how cellular networks provide a flexible and easy-to-deploy connectivity solution for DER backhaul technology.

Supercharging offshore wind power

ScottishPower Renewables and Cisco IoT created a modular and repeatable networking design to scale offshore wind farm production.

Limited-time promotion

Substation automation customers: get an extra discount of up to 30% for Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series Routers.

Utilities Leadership Summit

Industry leaders reveal key insights about modern utilities trends, thought leadership, and innovation.

Network automation for the power grid

Learn why management automation is essential to continue improving the safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of power.

Proven IoT solutions for grid modernization

Distribution automation

Optimization of power distribution and restoration with voltage regulation. Improve service response/restoration, fault isolation, and OPEX costs.

Substation automation

Control and automate power-system devices at the substation with data from intelligent electronic devices.

Smart metering

Provide advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions to enable new business models and enhanced service offerings.

Renewable energy

Connect renewable distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar, wind, and battery storage, and integrate them into the grid.


Securing critical infrastructures

Secure the smart grid through network segmentation, authentication, operational visibility, and threat detection and mitigation.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) for utilities

CVDs are tested and documented approaches to help you to design, deploy, and extend new technologies successfully. They can reduce implementation and operational risks by validating and documenting best practices.

Sustainable power

Electric vehicle (EV) charging networks

Our solutions help you to increase EV network uptime, improve customer experience, and enable additional services.

Renewable generation wind farms

Wind power is one of the most prevalent renewable energy forms and now makes up a sizable proportion of the generated energy mix.


Modernize the grid

Unite your utility networks with market-leading IP technologies from power generation to distribution and metering.

Scale your grid network

Deploy network technologies to simply manage field devices and meters at scale.

Integrate distributed energy resources

Meet sustainable power objectives with dynamic distributed energy resources to maximize efficiency.

Ensure grid cybersecurity

Leverage built-in visibility and security to protect your grid assets and meet NERC CIP or EU NIS regulations.

Increase profitability

Avoid truck rolls, reduce line loss, and improve meter accuracy with pervasive asset connectivity.

Ensure grid uptime

Reduce service interruptions with a reliable and secure network that enables enhanced asset monitoring and management.

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