Join Cisco at Hannover Messe April 17–21, 2023 in Hannover, Germany

Visit us at Hall 015, Stand F18, where we'll display leading-edge technologies across IoT, security, and more—services to enable digital transformation with end-to-end impact at scale for an ever-shifting manufacturing landscape.

Accelerate IoT with secure connectivity

Resilience at scale

Reliable connectivity helps organizations scale IoT initiatives while increasing the availability of their existing infrastructure.

Mitigate risk

Integrated security offers visibility and control to contain threats, simplify compliance, and consistently enforce policies.

Converge OT and IT

With support for OT and IT standards and protocols, enterprises can more easily connect existing and new IoT applications.

Meet the new Cisco Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series

Secure, fully managed compact Gigabit Ethernet industrial switches designed for tight spaces and for machine builders to connect devices within custom equipment.

Deploy secure IoT connectivity

Industrial switching

  • Industry-leading reliability and performance
  • Simple, OT-centric management
  • Support for industrial protocols and standards
  • Purpose-built for harsh industrial environments

Industrial routers

  • Ruggedized, industrial design
  • Highly available and secure operation
  • Rapid deployment and simple management
  • Edge application execution with Cisco IOx

IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway

  • Edge computing to quickly capture precise data for faster decisions and reduced network load
  • Extract device data, facilitate edge computing, and move data to cloud applications
  • Zero-touch deploy and manage compute gateways and edge applications

Industrial wireless

  • Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul for mission-critical IT and OT
  • Extend connectivity to industrial and hazardous environments
  • Wireless personal-area network (WPAN) for utilities, smart cities, and more 
  • Secure connectivity for lower-power IoT devices

Embedded networking

  • Easily integrated, high-performance connectivity
  • Tailored for industrial IoT applications
  • Comprehensive, integrated security
  • Flexible, highly secure IoT data delivery

Manage your industrial network operations

IOx for edge applications

Securely run authenticated IoT applications at the edge. See how our IOx-hosted infrastructure makes it easy to develop and deploy edge applications while helping keep your network safe.

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard

Enable your operations teams to monitor, troubleshoot, and gain insights into Cisco industrial routers and gateways and connected equipment at scale, with industry-leading cybersecurity.

Field Network Director

Manage operations for your network of geographically distributed assets, keeping communications and operational applications clearly separated. Use GIS mapping and monitor/alarm functions to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues.

Improving public safety with Cisco FirstNet industrial routers

Our FirstNet industrial routers are bringing greater situational awareness to public safety and improving the speed and efficiency of emergency response.

Extend cybersecurity and data intelligence to the IoT edge

Our comprehensive IoT security architecture improves availability, reliability, and safety for operational environments while simplifying edge-to-multicloud data flow.