Cisco Application-First Security

Freedom to go anywhere, faster and safely

Applications are at the center of modern businesses and key to creating customer value. Cisco empowers you to better secure those applications that run anywhere at the speed of your digital business.

Applications require new protections


Having security closer to your applications gives you greater insight and control of what is running in your environment so you can make intelligent decisions to protect them.


Continuous security follows your applications as they change and move to ensure continuous protections in your modern business. Automates security to match the velocity of your development.


Adaptive security understands and adapts to your unique applications and varied dependencies, helping to reduce your risk by automatically detecting and preventing threats.

Cisco application-first security products

Cisco Secure Workload

Application workload protection using behavior- and attribute-driven policy and application policy enforcement in multicloud environments. Enables trusted access through automated, granular application-level segmentation and behavioral analysis.

Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics

Detect and respond to advanced threats across private and public cloud networks. Gain insight and context of applications on the network with high-precision alerts using machine learning, behavioral modeling, and telemetry.

Cisco Duo

Establish user-device trust and highly secure access to applications to help you identify corporate versus personal devices with easy certificate deployment, block untrusted endpoints, and give users secure access to internal applications without using VPNs.


Application performance monitoring and deep insight into transaction behavior and metrics for applications running in public and private cloud environments.

Cisco Secure Application

Prevent and detect application vulnerabilities across your digital business.

See the benefits of a mature DevSecOps program

Bring development, operations, and security teams together to securely accelerate innovation and business outcomes.

Cisco Secure Workload

With Cisco Secure Workload (formerly Tetration), your expanding universe of apps can be more secure. Protect mission-critical apps with micro-segmentation.

Innovate and accelerate with Cisco Services

Cisco Services helps digital businesses worldwide secure and manage innovation in the world of applications. Cisco Services provides expertise and services with advanced analytics, automation, and security to help you bridge the talent gap, manage risk, deliver excellence, and move at the speed your business demands.

Application-first security for developers

Learn how application-first security can help you secure the applications you're building and running.