Cisco Rapid Threat Containment

Stop attacks immediately

Find threats fast. Automatically remove infected endpoints. And protect critical data. Cisco Rapid Threat Containment integrates Cisco security products with technologies from our security partners. You can organize relevant threat information on one platform. The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) gives you network control.

Stop threats before they stop you

Get answers fast about threats on your network and stop them even faster.

Get answers faster

Organize user, device, and threat details on one platform for decisive action to counter the inevitable attacks.

Stop attacks faster

Block threats immediately by directing Cisco ISE to contain devices. Automatic responses provide protection based on threat level.

Protect critical data faster

Dynamically change users’ access privileges before or after they get on the network if their threat scores rise.

What’s inside Cisco Rapid Threat Containment

Context and control

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides contextual identity data on user, device, and posture. It contains threats by using the network as an enforcer.


The Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) provides a highly secure system for other technologies to exchange intelligence.


Cisco partners who integrate their technologies with Cisco ISE through pxGrid can share data and use ISE to control network access by suspicious devices.

Simple, open, automated

Effective security hinges on integration. Take full advantage of this solution with the Cisco Firepower Management Center, Secure Network Analytics, and the Secure Web Appliance.

Threat-centric NAC technologies

Update your policies dynamically based on indications of compromise (IoC) coming from vulnerability assessments and threat incident intelligence.


Cisco Services help you integrate technologies, migrate from other solutions, and optimize your existing solutions so you get the strongest possible security.

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