Cisco Secure Data Center

Modern data centers need a new security approach

Be proactive in protecting your data center with complete visibility, multilayered segmentation, and threat protection that follow the workload everywhere.

Cisco Secure Data Center solutions for...

Physical data center

Safeguard legacy applications and your most business-critical data with complete visibility and control.

Private cloud

Provide consistent, comprehensive security across virtual and physical resources.

Hybrid cloud

Implement real-time policy enforcement and visibility that follow the workload everywhere.

Public cloud

Ensure privacy and confidentiality with greater application visibility and control.



See everything, with complete visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads, and processes.


Reduce the attack surface. Prevent attackers from moving laterally with granular control from the network to the individual application.

Threat protection

Stop the breach. Quickly detect, block, and respond to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations.

Explore our products

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

The industry-leading SDN (software-defined networking) solution provides agility and automation.

Firepower Next Generation Firewall

Virtual and physical NGFWs offer leading breach detection and prevention, plus security automation.


Stealthwatch brings scalable threat visibility and security analytics across the network and the cloud.


Protect your hybrid cloud workload with application visibility and segmentation.

Cisco Application-First Security

Bring security closer to your application so you can gain greater visibility and control to help reduce risk.

Defend Mars with the Secure Data Center solution

Defend the Mars data center against attack. Join the fun with this exciting gaming challenge.

Case studies

Protecting student data in schools

Douglas County School District automated its infrastructure operations and enhanced security in data centers.

Bank increases data center visibility

First National Bank achieved multilayered protection from the core to the edge in its data centers.

Health care system modernizes IT

Sharp HealthCare gained greater data security and control by segmenting its network.

Cisco teams up with Rackspace

To help protect its customers’ hosted environments, Rackspace counts on Cisco firewalls.

A university runs its data center

The Victoria University at Wellington used Cisco firewall technology to build safeguards into its network.

This small IT staff had a big job: Protect customers' data and keep up with rapid expansion.

Cisco deploys ACI

Discover how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure helped deliver improved business performance.


Cisco services help you integrate technologies, migrate from other solutions, and optimize existing solutions, so you get the strongest possible security.

Expert advice

Cisco Secure Data Center experts share their best advice for building data centers with built-in security.

Maximize your investment (PDF)

Work with Secure Data Center Advisory Service experts to strengthen your data center security strategy.

Accelerate transformation

We help you devise and deploy the right data center and hybrid IT strategy.

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