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5G Network Architecture

Break free of proprietary limitations to realize the potential of 5G with a Cisco open, cloud-native architecture.

Deploy services your customers want, when and where they need them

The Cisco cloud-to-client approach unifies multivendor mobile solutions into an open, cloud-native architecture. Build a 5G network that is cost-efficient, simplified, and trustworthy. Differentiate your business with connected experiences and cloud services.

Unify your architecture

The Cisco Cloud-to-client, open, multivendor, multi-technology 5G architecture simplifies the complicated.

Reduce your costs

Simplified IP network operations and service creation improves efficiency.

Monetize your network

An application and mode-driven cloud platform freely and quickly monetizes new services.

Mitigate your risk

Secured and trusted solutions for your network establishes premium value with your customers.

Cisco 5G cloud-native architecture

Deploy a proven open 5G ecosystem, dedicated to simplifying an open and converged access network, allowing connections to move between various access types. Enhance quality of experience, cost management, and traffic optimization all in one 5G architecture.

Reimagining the emerging mobile network

As a new provider of mobile network services, you need an innovative yet proven network. With a Cisco 5G software-defined architecture, your network will be defined by applications and services not just access technology. 


Evolving the existing mobile network

Transform your existing network into an automated, software-defined 5G network and achieve the same benefits once thought only possible with a new network. Cisco provides a step-by-step map to 5G success.



Tap into 5G monetization

Differentiate your business with connected experiences and cloud services. This is the heart of a 5G monetization strategy.

Through new innovation in cloud-based packet core, seamless business-to-service provider network connections, automation advances, and a trusted secure infrastructure, the road to a profitable mobile network has never been clearer.

See how Cisco can help monetize your 5G network.



5G network solutions

Build a 5G mobile network that is cost-efficient, simplified, and trustworthy.

Open vRAN

An Ecosystem dedicated to building and validating open software solutions for the Radio Access Network.

5G Transport and xHaul

Industry leading backhaul, midhaul, and fronthaul solutions for your 5G radio access network and more.

Built-in Trust and Security

Trust and security solutions that protect your network and services.

Internet of Things for the 5G era

Trusted and secure IoT solutions with the scale and ease you need to succeed.

Pay-as-you-grow flexible subscriptions

Learn more about how to pay for your technology, optimize cash flow, access new sources of credit, and manage asset lifecycles.

Accelerate success with Customer Experience (Cisco CX)

Harness the power of Cisco expertise to fast track your business outcomes.

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