Cisco Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)

Build the foundation for your telco cloud

Introduce services faster, deliver high quality user experience, and scale on demand even to unpredictable traffic models.

NFV Infrastructure can help you…

Deploy new services faster

NFVI is extensible and expandable. It includes Cisco Services expertise for end-to-end delivery and a fast time to market.

Reduce TCO by 40 percent

The single-pane-of-glass management software module simplifies the management and operation of all components. 

Maintain service availability

NFV Infrastructure is highly scalable, available, and secure. It offers a modular, expandable pod design.

Get the help you need

Focus your time and energy on desired business outcomes and profits with 24-hour support from Cisco.

What’s inside NFV Infrastructure

Cisco Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM)

Cisco VIM is built for full lifecycle management of your software and hardware. It allows you to easily control and manage your NFV infrastructure (NFVI) compute, storage, and network resources.

Cisco UCS servers

NFVI servers are the best-in-class Cisco UCS rack and blade servers that provide high levels of scalability and availability, and are easily managed.

Cisco Nexus switches

NFVI networks use the Cisco Nexus data center switches that are built for scale, industry-leading automation, programmability and real-time visibility.

Cisco routers for mass scale

Our advanced routing portfolio provides simplification at scale, multidimensional programmability, built-in trust, and flexible consumption to meet complex business needs.

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