Cisco Edge Cloud for Content Delivery

Deliver high-quality streaming content to any user, anywhere.

The future starts here

Edge Cloud for Content Delivery is a global platform that transforms the way content is delivered – to meet both growing user demand and your business needs.

Greater ROI

Maximize returns through a scalable and adaptable managed solution that meets unique deployment needs.

Outstanding user QoE

Offer highest-quality streaming through advanced visibility, predictability and control of traffic.

Lower costs

Save money through a simplified operational model supporting multi-publisher content.

Increased revenue

Create value and monetize your participation in the content delivery value chain.

Customer testimonials

Three pillars for success

Edge Cloud for Content Delivery is built on a firm foundation of partnership, domain expertise, and revenue-generating business models to help drive your business growth well into the future.

Trusted partners

Engage with Cisco, Qwilt, Digital Alpha, and a growing network of content publishers.

Proven technology and expertise

Use Cisco edge compute with Open Caching architecture by Streaming Video Alliance.

Revenue-share model

Succeed with a unique monetization platform designed for growing rewards.