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Cisco Silicon One

Meet the first unified silicon architecture for web scale, enterprise, and service provider networks​.

Breakthrough innovation to power the Internet for the Future

Cisco Silicon One is the only unifying architecture enabling customers to deploy the best-of-breed silicon from Top of Rack (TOR) switches all the way through the web scale data centers and across the service provider and enterprise networks with a fully unified routing and switching portfolio.

Expanding market segments

A single architecture which provides the highest bandwidth routing and web scale switching silicon in the industry, enabling true convergence without compromise.

One architecture

Cisco Silicon One delivers consistency in features, services, and telemetry across:


  • Service provider
  • Web scale​
  • Enterprise

Form factors

  • Fixed
  • Modular chassis
  • Disaggregated chassis


  • Standalone processor
  • Line card processor
  • Fabric element

Cisco Silicon One powering network innovation

With a unified silicon architecture, you can accelerate innovation and services. Network engineers can plan, qualify, and deploy network architecture more rapidly and simply without having to worry about the compatibility of different systems based on distinct silicon architectures for each network function.

One architecture. Unmatched capabilities.

Unparalleled programmability, performance, flexibility, and efficiency.

Higher bandwidth

More network bandwidth than other routing silicon

Larger scale

Ready for massive internet scale

Better performance

More packets per second than other networking silicon

Endlessly programmable

Fully programmable for faster feature delivery and future-ready deployments

Lower power

Routing features, scale, and performance at better-than-switching power efficiency

Deeper buffers

Switching devices with fully shared on-die buffers and routing devices with seamless extension to large buffers 

One architecture. Multiple devices. No compromises.

Multiple devices under one architecture, each of them delivering best in class programmability, performance, buffering, scale, and power efficiency.



19.2Tbps router


12.8Tbps router


8Tbps router


6.4Tbps router


3.2Tbps router


10.8Tbps router

Web scale switching


25.6Tbps switch


12.8Tbps switch


6.4Tbps switch


3.2Tbps switch