Firewalls for small and medium business

Secure your network, protect your people, and grow your business with tailored integrated security and networking solutions from Cisco.

Get maximum protection against cyberattacks, Meraki MX blocks 98% of all malware threats—25% more than the industry average.

- Independent security testing by Miercom

Features and benefits

Unmatched security

Cisco Talos, the biggest cybersecurity team on the planet, powers Meraki MX. Talos blocks 20x more threats daily than anyone in the industry - finding threats before they find you.

Simple management

Deploy site-to-site VPN in seconds and firewall rules in a few clicks, minimizing time and error. One Meraki MX box delivers content filtering, IDS/IPS, malware protection, and more.

Grow without complexity

Converge security, networking, and physical security in one dashboard as you grow. Serverless architecture lets you expand to new sites cost-effectively without complex servers.

6 reasons to choose Meraki MX over Fortinet FortiGate

Meraki is 25% more effective at network security than the industry average (Miercom, 2023). Experience unified management, zero-touch deployment and threat detection with Meraki MX.

Enterprise-class security on an SMB budget

Elevate your security, connectivity and performance with Cisco Secure Firewall 1010: SE Labs 2023 winner, 99% malware block rate, exceptional speed, and flexible management options.

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