Design that works wherever you work

The future requires thoughtful, intentional planning, along with highly adaptable products in order to create a “future fit” office that remains viable for all plausible futures. Integrated with interior architecture, Teknion products are designed to create an agile work environment that serves all those who occupy the office and the many ways that people work.

Sustainable day by day

From the beginning, Teknion has moved forward along a path to environmental and social performance. We understand sustainability as a basic tenet of good design. Sustainable principles guide the way we do business and govern our conduct every day.

At Teknion, the concept of sustainability embraces global ecology, healthy communities, corporate responsibility and wellness in the built environment. We are proud to have served as a strategic partner in helping customers create healthy work-spaces that drive productivity, along with LEED® and WELL certification.

Creative collaborators

Understanding our customer is a first priority. As co-creators, our job is to listen and respond to each customer’s unique purposes, problems and goals. We want to know who you are, who you want to be, and how your work gets done.


We are approachable human beings with a genuine can-do, will-do attitude, dedicated to ensuring you get products and services you need just when you need them. We truly want to do a better job.


Teknion still makes things. True vertical integration gives Teknion the ability to control our global supply chain and every element of production—to manage quality and costs, provide custom designs, and offer flexibility around how orders are organized and delivered.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Born as an entrepreneurial company, Teknion preserves a spirit of initiative, ingenuity and persistence. Although we’ve grown from a handful of people to one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture worldwide, we remain agile and accessible—a big company that acts like a small company.