Cisco Support Tools

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Personalization Tools

  My Notifications   Create customized notification alerts sent to you via email or RSS feed on critical product support subjects including: Security Advisories, Field Notices, End of Sale/Support Announcements, Software Updates, and Known Bugs.
  My Devices   Build and manage lists of your devices – down to serial number level, drilling down for contract, EoX lifecycle details and support links. Contract Details (number, type, expiry, installed-at address) are shown only to users associated to the contract.
  My Saved Content   View and manage your saved Cisco documents, alerts, and other support content for quick access and future reference.
  Device Coverage Checker   Check Cisco service contract coverage for a device or group of devices. Input a serial number to see results, or upload a .csv file of serial numbers for bulk report.
  Product License Registration   Register your Product Authorization Key (PAK) or Software Serial Number or select from a list of your product licenses to manage (Resend, Download, Rehost, RMA and more).

Troubleshooting Tools

  Bug Search Tool   Research and troubleshooting related to software bugs.
  Cisco CLI Analyzer   Troubleshoot and check the overall health of your Cisco-supported software with this smart SSH client that uses integrated TAC tools and knowledge. Supports ASA, IOS/IOS-XE/IOS-XR, UCS, NX-OS, DNAC, and more.
  Log Advisor   Log Advisor takes a scenario-based approach to guide you to the relevant step-by-step action plan and available tools for a given issue.
  Packet Capture Config Generator and Analyzer   This tool is designed to aid in collection and analysis of network packet captures taken on IOS, IOS-XE and ASA devices.

Networking Software Tools

  Software Research   View Cisco suggested software for supported products. In addition to the new filtering capabilities you are now provided Cisco software suggestions that are based on software quality, stability, and longevity.
  Cisco Feature Navigator   Quickly find the right Cisco IOS, IOS XE, IOS XR and CatOS software release for the features you want to run on your network.
  Cisco Software Checker   Search for Cisco Security Advisories that apply to specific Cisco IOS, IOS XE, NX-OS and NX-OS in ACI Mode software releases.
  Diagnostic Signatures Lookup Tool   Identifies Smart Call Home Diagnostic Signatures (DS) to automate debug enablement and data collection for a given type of UC-related problem.
  MIB Locator   Manage IOS Software-based devices in a network with Management Information Base (MIB) Locator, a collection of objects in a virtual database (part of Cisco Feature Navigator).
  SNMP Object Navigator   SNMP Object Navigator can help you locate MIBs, understand how a MIB works, and give you instructions on how to use these MIBs.

Voice and Collaboration Tools

  Collaboration Solutions Analyzer   Simplifies the most complex diagnostics data from various Collaboration products through visualization, automated analysis and configuration validation, assisting you in the daily operations of your Collaboration infrastructure.
  Multi-Service Voice Debug Tool   Provides the most useful debug and show commands used to resolve a given type of voice-related problem.
  Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator   Calculate the bandwidth required for packet voice calls when designing and troubleshooting packet voice networks for optimal voice quality.
  Cisco TelePresence Interoperability   Indexes the software releases that were tested for interoperability with legacy Cisco TelePresence products.

Wireless Tools

  Wireless Config Analyzer   A cloud port of the Wireless LAN Config Analyzer (WLCCA) Windows application, applies 120 automated config checks to quickly evaluate wireless problems from AireOS controllers.
  WLC Config Converter   Provides config migration between various wireless platforms, such as AireOS-IOS-XE conversion and AireOS-AireOS (5520/8540) conversion.
  Wireless Debug Analyzer   Parse debug log files for AireOS and Cat9800 Wireless LAN Controllers, making it easier to troubleshoot issues with wireless client association, authentication, roaming or connectivity issues.


  Cisco Power Calculator   Calculates power supply requirements for a specific PoE configuration, showing output current, output power, and system heat dissipation for Nexus 7000 and certain legacy Cisco Catalyst Series switches.
  DSP Calculator   Estimates digital signal processor (DSP) resources needed for Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls on integrated service routers
  Cisco UCS Power Calculator   Calculates power estimates for all supported UCS B-Series Blade servers and C-Series Rack-Mount servers.
  UCS Sizing Tool   Determine optimal UCS hardware configurations for enterprise applications (e.g.: VDI-VSI, Hadoop, Splunk, SAP, SAP-HANA, Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SQLServer).

Downloadable Tools

  RADKit   Cisco RADKit (Cisco Remote Automation Development Kit) is a network-wide orchestrator. Experience a radical new way of addressing your equipment, boost your Cisco Services, and expand your capabilities.
  Secure Firewall Migration Tool   Enables migration of your firewall configurations to the Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense. You can convert configurations from any Cisco ASA or Firewall Device Manager (FDM), plus third-party firewalls Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet.
  AURA-SDWAN (SURE) SDWAN Upgrade (via GitHub)   Cisco AURA-SDWAN (SURE) performs a total of 32 checks at different levels of the SDWAN overlay, preventing potential failures and recommending corrective actions for a seamless upgrade experience. The tool safely retrieves read-only data using GET API Calls and show/shell commands.
  Cisco Support Assistant Extension (Overview)   The CSAE is the first Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (CSDL)-approved extension publically available in the Google Chrome store. CSAE brings Cisco Support closer by extending Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) intellectual capital directly inside the Cisco product portals to create a frictionless self-support experience.

Virtual Assistants

  Cisco Support Assistant   Quickly initiate a live chat with your TAC personal assistant to get help with status updates, RMA, BEMS, and bug troubleshooting of existing TAC cases.

Reference Tools

  Product Approval Status   A repository of information regarding the homologation status for given Cisco products in certain countries.
  Service Finder   Find available services for products based on valid Cisco Product Identification codes (PIDs), product description fields, and product families.
  Warranty Finder   Find warranty information for products based on valid Cisco Product Identification codes (PIDs), product description fields, and product families.

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